. ili: January 2012
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Once in a blue moon, my brother; Danny, will be home with pet(s).
He'll take care of his friends' pets!
The last time was Happy; a cute chubby rabbit and now...
Cute chubby hamsters!

I don't know their gender or their name either!
I just call them "baby" .-.
But based from my observation, I can obviously tell that...
It's a BOY and a GIRL! x.x
Oh, boy! The baby boy is so naughty! Budak nakai!!!
Yang betina perempuan sekoq lagi tu budak baik :3

P.S. I really like to watch how they drink! Aaah!!! xD

Missing Oggie;
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Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm In, Black's Out!

What to do when the lights out

Recently, I realized that I'm ALWAYS experiencing blackout event 
Event la sangat... =.,= 
Blackout is in the air! Why? Because it's not only happened in my house BUT in my workplace too!
I was shocked(In a cool way. But most of the time, I'll scream my lungs out .-.)

I'm glad that today, when it was blackout, there's alot of teachers inside the room, together with me.
All of them were discussing about sports activities; Sirajuddin!♥
I'm not involved... I'm just an EX! xD

P.S. Teachers nowadays, very enthusiastic no matter what happened!♥ (Even when there's no electricity)

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Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey, it's Friday! Schools going to reOPEN soon! O:
I'm always having homework stress last time. Now, no more! >:3
It's not good to do last minute work. But it's my habit! 0.0

People will say : 
Better late than never
Pffft!!! e.e

P.S. Alamak! Tak siapkan lagi tugasan yang Ayahanda bagi!!!
Okay... I'm one of them! xD

Task Stress;
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Diary

Ever since I met blog, I'm no more active on diary...
P I T Y .-.
Perhaps I'll write again if and only if there's no more internet

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Sleepy Mode;
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Time : 6.45PM
Venue : Mr. Tan's house, Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang

Woah! Sir's house is so F A R
Wish that we can go there by riding a water dragon!
Erdi, Pe'ah, Mi and me made it to go there (Thanks to Pe'ah's brother)
Sir is so understanding, thank you!♥
He bought foods (made by Muslims) specially for his Malay guests!

Sir, Pe'ah said that your sons are good looking (Ahem!)
Apa la Pe'ah ni kan, bapak? Sir? xD
Well, Have a prosperous lunar new year, sir! and family!!!

P.S. Red box : Sir's pet. A dog. Sir... Habaq la... Sapa nama dia? 
Ni dah masuk TUJUH kali I tanya. Sedih tau tak? *_*

Hang Ili Po;
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Minerva Mouse in the House!

Time : 2.30PM.
Venue : Villa Kejora, Relau, Pulau Pinang.

Minerva Mouse (Minnie) and me!♥

Minnie! Do you like her? I mean the drawing xD
It's from me to mommy (Chansy) for her kids! Yaaays~
Look! Minnie dressed in red. (Chinese new year, huh?) xD

Ai and Mi can't stop watching at Ki~~~
Ki is not bad ea! Should I draw Ki too? xD

P.S. Chansy looks so happy to work at kindy!
(Later can take care of your brother's kids lo!!!) xD

Mystery Girl;
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Penangan Cili Padi, Kau!!!


About an hour I suffered a very powerful pain!
I can't bare to feel this pain!!!
I felt like my hands was burnt like hell !!!
I chopped chillies with my naked hands! I mean without wearing gloves.
I've done almost everything to tame the burnt : 
Scratch my hands
Washing with soap and water
Ice cubes
Shaked my hands
Cool it infront of the fan
SLEEP (Pffft!!! xD) 
At last, Ummi told me to soak my hands in rice (beras)
The burning wasn't completely cured or immediate relief, NO
It'll disappeared within an hour or two.
It works! ALHAMDULILLAH... Rasa macam kena BAKAQ, habaq hang! xD

P.S. Besides rice, try to use olive oil or soak in vegetables oil or sugar and olive oil, calamine lotion, milk, baking soda, sour cream, oil, egg whites, lemonjuicechoptheonionsandvinegar! xD

Ili Cili;
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

P. Ramlee Birth Place & Gallery

Time : 4.00PM.
Venue : Lot 2180, Jalan P. Ramlee, 10460 Pulau Pinang.
P. Ramlee was born in this house, which built in 1926.

I've been here before for Boria.
But this is my first visit to his house and gallery!^^
In his gallery, I saw one of his picture look-alike Baim Wong!!!♥

When I stepped into his house, something nice captured me eyes : 
In 1948, a lean pimpled teenage of nineteen made a date with destiny, a romance with the film would that met his fulfillment in the next three decades of his life...
This is some part of the rhythms of his youth.

P.S. He's good at arithmetics! (His results were displayed inside of his house, at the centre area)

Feeling Good;
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Esplanade, the Heart of Georgetown

Time : 3.30PM
Venue : Pulau Pinang

Red box : Hole in the sand dug by Mr. Krabs. Har kar333
amboi, teghoknya...

In the early days, the Esplanade was used as a ground for firing practice by sepoy regiments and later with the arrival of the British, the field was used for football, cricket and lawn bowling.

Ummi reminds me NOT to go near the sea, but... huhuhu...
Nothing can be done about it, Fort Cornwallis is just nearby! xD
Three of us (From the left); me, Lia and Chansy enjoyed the scenic of wind blowing while watching one busy crab digging a hole. 
A very deep hole!

P.S. Nak berjalan ni, kipaih kena ada selalu. Betoi dak, Chansy? xD

Ketegaqkah Daku?;
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fort Cornwallis

Time : 2.30PM
Venue : Pulau Pinang

Bringing history to life

Seri Rambai Cannon is the largest cannon here.
I didn't touch it even though they just stated :
Strictly do not step, sit or stand on this historic cannon
Historic, man! HISTORIC! ...gulps!!!

P.S. It's more fun to come in groups c:

Still Alive;
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Penang Times Square

Time : 1.15PM

Chinese Folk Art Exhibition.

Chinese new year is approaching what...
So they exhibit something related to it at the Ground Floor, the commercial directory.
Chinese is everywhere here! -Looks Chansy- xD
I can see, smell, hear and taste touch Chinese.
Penang kan! xD

The exhibition was great!
The best part was when I saw a little girl with a sexay dress and full of blast makeup.
We've bumped into each other at the 4th floor escalator.
I was so shocked! I was like "WTFish! She's a promoter!"
She replied me with a shocking face too and ran away from me!
Hello, even though you're a kid, you're still a promoter! You supposed to approach me, not avoiding me =.,=
She can run but she can't hide. I can still see her all way long to the ground floor xD

Chansy : Omagash! He's scared of you, Ili!
Lia : -Giggles-
Ili : I didn't do anything! She's the one who freaked me out!
Chansy : Look! He didn't even give you the pamphlet!
Ili : What's with he? She's a girl!
Chansy : Boy
Lia & Ili : What? What's up with the dress and makeup?
Chansy : It's a part of Chinese tradition
P.S. Boleh pulak dia terkejut dan terkentut bila tengok Ili terkejut dek penampilannya yang mengejutkan!

Masih Terkejut;
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1st Avenue

Time : 11.30AM.
aVenue : Pulau Pinang.

The car park.

I've been here before with Chansy!
But this time, together with Lia^^
Hmmm, I can't get it why this place is not crowded with people!
Maybe the effort of showing off the gigantic lantern is not that effective.

Magic Kitchen!
At first, I thought it was a place to learn cooking.
It's a food court actually xD
I had a nice lunch there. Eating Nasi Lemak!!! xD
Itulah menu termurah. Bajet! Bajet!!!

P.S. It's a pain in the brain! (Refer to the video above) @__@

Thrifty One;
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Little India

Time : 11.00AM
Venue : Pulau Pinang.

Magnificent mannequin!♥

"Penang's Little India is a colourful place which offers many specialised Indian stores and eating places. Take time to indulge in Indian specialities like spices, Indian music, garlands, trinkets and gold jewelry"

After we've explored our first checkpoint, it's time for Little India!
Lia the pilot, she's is the one who drove us along the way.
Chansy, the copilot, the map master! xD
Ili? ...sit at the back and relax! What? I'm bad about location, remember? :b

I thought Little India is big, happening and whatsoever...
But! The fact is, it is really little .-.
And we're visited on the wrong time perhaps xD

Thumbs up for the magnificent mannequin!
Your Her head and hands can move, y'all! xD
Nasib baik kaki dia kaku tang tu, kalau gerak, Ili gerak lari dulu! xD

P.S. Bila masuk kereta, duduk seat belakang, teringat kat Erdi. "Yes, Ma'am! Nak pi mana?" xD Huhuhu... Erdi, Ili tak niat pun nak jadi ma'am. Sekadar segan nak duduk sebelah Erdi. Nanti terasa macam duduk sebelah Pangalila pulak, Awww! *Sila sebut dengan nada yang gedik, ya!* xD

Little Malay;
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Taman Awam Metropolitan Relau

Time : 9.00AM

Danger! Danger! Winding road!

It's fun to hang out with Lia and Chansy here!
Nothing much happened here, but it's still fun!
As we stepped into the park, we heard kids having so much fun at the playground!
Luckily there's a banner stated that only below 12 years old are allowed to enter! Silap besaq la kalau tak tulih :b
Lia, don't be sad. We should've come here 8 years ago! 

As we continue our exploration, we saw a group of people practising Wushu Taekwondo!
Haiiiz... I really want to continue learning this martial art...
Half green belt is just not enough! Am I right, Pengy Lia? xD

Jogging track, yeah!
Three of us were shocked to saw the map of jogging track! Huge!!!
My eyes can't stop searching "You are here" at the map xD
I can tell that I have a great potential to be lost in my own hometown!
Well, HE still loves us, HE sent us someone to guide us about the holy huge track xD
But in the end, we didn't go through all the track at all :b

P.S. I can't forget the cuteness of one Chinese baby saying "Good morning" to us!♥

Orang Awam;
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Undertaker...

Time : 10AM

Until next time, Scott...

One of my pets died yesterday, Scottish...
She only lived for three months! Aaaw! Q.Q
I hope Ummi is right, Scott's probably having fun now over there...
You're meant to be there with Memey, your elder sister!♥

P.S. Phew! Being an undertaker is not that bad, right, Ummi? xD

Going Under;
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See Liselle!!!

I can't publish my comment!
The button is MIA! xD 
*Missing in action :b

Woow, suddenly I'm missing Mia 0.0///
Rindu Mia ja okay, Aril jangan perasan :b

P.S. Liselle, what's your next template would be? xD

Domo Template;
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Posto, Posto!

Tangan sapa la tu, pffft! =.,=

Around 10AM...

People : Hello, Sharifah? I'm from Bukit Jambul.
Ili : Hmmm... e.e (Blurred and sleepy)
People : Are you working?
Ili : Yes...
People : When will you be at home?
Ili : Hmmm, today I'm not working z.z
People : Around 11AM, our despatch will send your trophy.
Ili : ukk 
And yes, 11AM, I got my brilliant bronze trophy!♥
Woow, woow! What? Trophy???
Okay, last 17th December 2011, I've entered Design My Shoe.
It's a contest!^^
Organized by Bukit Jambul Complex.

Disc Jockey : Now, I'll announce the 2nd runner up!
Ili : 2nd runner up is second place, huh?
Chansy : Third place la, my dear!
Disc Jockey : Contestant number 10!!!
Ili : 0.0
Chansy : -Looks at her dear- 0.0!!!
Disc Jockey : Sharifah Ili Shaheera!!!
So, that's it... -faints- xD

P.S. Liselle, yesterday I went to their management office to take my contest certificate. Today, they sent me my trophy!♥

Art Lover;
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Management Office

Time : 12.30PM
Venue : Bukit Jambul Complex

Bird's view of Bukit Jambul Complex from the Management Office's level. Awesome!!!

I went there to meet Veronica♥
No, not a date =.,=
She asked me to come over and collect my things.

This is my very first time to go to the highest level of this Complex!
Level Six! The management office is there .-.
Quite tough, risky, challenging and adventurous to go there...alone!
Very quite place, looks abandoned, creepy, dark, okay STOP! x.x

P.S. Before you reach there, you'll freak out first. But after you're inside of the office, "Phew, what a relief!"

Third Place;
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Ummi, Happy Birthday!!!

Fruit cake for Ummi!♥

Gambaq ja la Ipah mampu bagi memandangkan tak reti buat lagi xD
12/1/2012♥ beautiful date!
One two one two zero one two!
Amboi, dah macam senam aerobik! xD

P.S. Ummi, teach me how to bake that cake. Pweash :3

Eden Bakeri Ili;
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Back!

The Ugly Truth!

11th January!!!
It would be our fourth year if we're still together, Amir .-.

I hope for a better relationship this time. With Amier!♥
Okay, Mier for short :b
Amir, Amier, Aaah!!! xD

P.S. 31st March 2010 I've deactivated Facebook. I should active it back on 31st March 2012! Man!

Misses Nia;
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Harbor Wave

Credits to Google

The wavy wave design reminds me of tidal waves!
I'm so scared when Ummi told me that yesterday, Pulau Pinang and Sumatra lifted a tsunami warning 0.0
I didn't realize it when. When I asleep, I really sleep! xD

Compared to last time, I can feel that I like to move it, move it something was moving from the inside!!!
I was eating Nasi Lemak that time, Mier! sitting cross-legged infront of television, watching cartoon! xD
Okay, enough .-.

P.S. Okay, I'm reminding you not because it's 2012 but just be careful folks! Always!!!

Catastrophe's Victim?;
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My Teacher, My Boss

Keyboard? Teacher? Boss?
What's the buzz point?
I'm working today, really!
My work is so Bwara Mr. Simple, Simple♥
I just have to type, that's all :3 Kan, Zaa? x3

Cikgu Hanif was my teacher and now he's my boss! 8D
I don't know whether I'm a good student or not for the last time.
But this time, I would try with all my might to be a good worker! c:

P.S. I have to master keyboarding technique!

Working Hard;
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a Day!

Time : 9.10AM.
Venue : Penang Free School.

A bus stop. Infront of Penang Free School.
Red box : Botoi sapa la tu? :b

Today is my first day of working under Cikgu Hanif. 
Supposed to be...
But everythings went wrong. He's absent! 
Ili : Now what?
Zaa : -Starts her motorcycle engine-

Based on the image above, You can tell that I'm bored to death waiting for Rapid bus!
1st bus, Drove away just like that! Am I invisible or what? 0.0
2nd bus, I've to let it go because it won't pass by my house.
3rd bus, I'm the third passenger!♥

Before that, A foreigner perhaps (because he sounded like Kak Arga Indonesian) asked me for directions.
Woow, woow! Are you an explorer? In your nightmare if you think I'll say "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the maaap~!"

Foreigner : Penang Road di mana ya?
Ili : ... (Heard that before but I can't tell because I'm not sure)
Foreigner : Georgetown? 
Ili : !!! (Heard of that! I think I know!) [Still unsure]
Foreigner : KOMTAR?
Ili : -Points opposite road- (Quite sure about it!)
Foreigner : Jadi, saya seharusnya mengambil bas di sebelah sana, ya? 
-Sambil menuding jari ke arah perhentian bas yang berlawanan-
Ili : -Nods-
Foreigner : Jadi saya sudah silap ni! Betul ya yang di sebelah sana?
Ili : -Nods-
Foreigner : Silap pula... -Sambil menyeberangi lautan jalan-
Okay, seriously, I have to study Atlas .-. 
Pulau Pinang for the beginning!♥
*Bracket means that I'm talking to myself xD

After I've arrived near by my house, I feel like visiting Pe'ah!
Well, After school's end, I always dreamt about her (mostly)
So, this is it! I'm gonna meet her today!
Ili : Are you at home? I'm going there! (On the phone)
Pe'ah : I'm working, Tesco Textra Tordinary Extra!
Ili : That's near! I'm on my way!

Noel, a boutique where she works :3
Ili : No-el :D
Pe'ah : Noel
Okay333, Shame on me. I can't even pronounce it correctly! xD

Same goes to Quay...
Ili : Ku-way
Linguaphone Promoter : Ki
Ili : Ouh? Ki... >.< ///
Linguaphone Promoter : You should buy one...
Okay333!!! Stop it! I know I'm weak in pronouncing words! Don't force me indirectly to buy Linguaphone! I have no time, I tak free! xD

P.S. Ummi, borong Noel jujum? Bagi Pe'ah dapat komisen xD

The Unemployed;
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Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Make a Doodle?

Only a basic and simple Doodle♥

Dhiya and dear folks!
Here's, a tutorial about making a Doodle using PhotoScape!♥

Follow these steps;
1. Editor.
2. Menu (At the top right)
3. New Photo (Width; 640, Height; 480 and Color; White), Click OK!
4. Oject (At the bottom left) [Refer to image below]
Always focus on the red box

5. Click Circle Mode and draw her face [Refer to image below]
Pick your own skin colour!♥

6. Click Rounded Box Mode and draw her hijab on her face
Be smart in adjusting her hijab position!

7. Right click mouse on her hijab and click Back to get back her face! xD [Refer to image below]
Clicked it? Saw her face again? Magic, isn't it? xD

8. Click Circle Mode and draw her eyes.
Black for big eyes and white for small one!
Draw the big one first. Small on top of it♥
 Remember, be smart in adjusting! xD

9. Click Text, type a closed bracket symbol ")" to draw her smile ( :
Be creative if you want her to have eyebrows, nose or whatever!♥
Text ; Agency FB, Text size; 50, Colour; Black, Tick Vertical, OK!♥

10. Click Box Mode and make her a nice baju kurung!
Make it twice; for her different colour of top and bottom!
Don't forget to click Back to make it nice!♥

11. Click Rounded Box Mode and draw her sleeves
Click Back as usual♥

12. Click Circle Mode to draw her cute hands♥
Pick the same skin colour, Okay! ( ;

13. Last touch; click Circle Mode and draw her shoes!
She's complete!♥

14. Save and you're done! Congratificatilation!♥

P.S. Warna kegemaran sapa la tu! :b

Doodling Happily;
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My Dream University

credits to USM
School of Art♥

I just love everythings that is related to Art & Design♥
I'm so excited about art!
I will and I always do my best when it comes to art.
art, Art, ART!♥

P.S. Pray for me, people! x3 I really want that school. In USM♥

Fan Art;
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Hot Question!

Tak payah klik, dah besaq eloq ni :b

Phew! That's a hot question, really! xD
I mean, yeah! What kind of question is that?♥
By the way, I'm not way too obsess of him, no .-.

Sometimes, I'm confused about why people extremely loves of hates somebody.
Why? Why? Why?

P.S. I'm in the recent responses! Again! Yays! xD

Best Fan;
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Doodle!

Lawak? Lawa? xD

Well, recently I see alots of people out there are crazy over Doodle!♥
But they kept saying about Photoshop.
I don't have that!
But luckily I saw Hanis made a tutorial about this by just using Photoscape! xD
It's amazing!
I love you, Hanis!♥ Thank you so much!

P.S. Tapi... kenapa pink!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

Pe'ah Pink;
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Perfect Omelet!

Credits to Google

Ni bukan ujian kemahiran, okay :b
Tak mampu aih Ili nak buat telur dadar, ndok ceplok telur mata kerbau dan poached egg segala bagai tu dengan sempurna :b
I can't even perfectly made a perfect fried egg! =.,=
It's all depends on skills, luck and probability! xD

I can't believe how terer terrible I am in the kitchen!
I made wierd sounds! Aaah! Woow! Woi! Woo ooo! Aduh! e.e
Minyak lincah melompat ke sana Kumari. Sakit la... xD

P.S. Luckily I didn't make any wierd sounds like Angry Birds! xD

A Trainee;
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Question of the Day!

"Klik untuk tumbesaran"! :b

Let's talk about Formspring!
About the Question of the day section.
I always saw other people's view and today I was surprise! 0.0
Me : Hey, that's me! That's really me! \(>A<)/ Yaaays! xD
Okay333, I'm too excited over a small things xD

Ouh, and my answer for the question was :
Yes, yes! I like to sing karaoke, indeed! xD
Depan tu mukadimah panjang sangat xD
Yes, when I was 12, I love to sing Kidz's song, titled "Demi Cinta"
Karox berkali-kali kot (Lokasi : rumah sahaja) xD

P.S. Kecik-kecik Ili dah pandai main cinta lagu cinta woo! Pergh!!

Sang Pencinta;
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Four Spouse

Spouse, huh? =.,=

Come one, anything will do! Okay, okay. Spice* :b
Yang penting, empat beradik ni kena ada sekali dalam masakan. Bukan semua masakan la! Agak-agak la, cuy! xD

Hmmm, empat beradik? .-.
Yes, indeed. The Cinnamon Stick, Cardamom, Clove and...
Honey Stars!... Yes, indeed you're hungry but please try again :b 
Anis!!... No, Anis. I'm not going to cook my own friend. I'm not a cannibal, yet. xb Crusoe helped me to handle that :b
Star Anise!!!... Yes, korek! Correct!★ xD

P.S. There's still alots of things I didn't know yet about cooking!♥

Chef Sha;
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trick or Treat?

Done reading? xb

So, I received this message today .-.
"Does this message from Celcom?" I keep questioning myself xD

P.S. It's fun to screen capture!♥

Maxis Celcom;
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That Should Be Him!

Credits to Googie

That should be him,
Holding the apron,
That should be him
Making you dishes,
That should be him,
This is so sad,
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till you believe that,
That should be him!

Cepat! Gelak ramai-ramai! xD -Gelak guling333- xD 
Pandai memandai mandai ja Ili gubah lirik xD
Okies, Mier, don't get me wrong.
I'm just too sad to face the fact that Zamir didn't made it to go to the final Q.Q Final! One more step closer to the edge!

Those last two dishes that he did really impressed Adam Liaw and 90% of the judges' comment were like this!
Yes, this is so wrong! I can't go on! I can't go on to watch the final episode! ):<
I don't want to! Never! Ah uh! no! nO and NO! D:<

P.S. Tapi bersyukurlah sampai ke Top 4. Kau ada? xD (Ayat sedapkan hati) xD

Me? Never!;
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Do jealousjelly!♥

Don't you believe me?
Touch me and you'll admit that I'm truely HOT! RAWR! xD
Why not?! I'm sick! Remember? xD
Having a cold but I'm so hot Q.Q

P.S. I wonder how Mier looks like when he was a baby♥

Getting Well?;
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School's In!

Time : 8.30AM - 11.45AM.
Veneu : Penang Free School.

From left; Chansy, Edi Zaki.

Chansy? Where? Heheh . . .
No more unidentified fingers, focus on the red box. It's her hand(s)!
Oit, oit, oit! fokus mana tu? Cowok-cowok itu sudah punya pacar, ngerti? xD

Okay, School's in and as you saw the image above, My friends and I were INside the SCHOOL. Today!♥
Tak, bukan, Malaysia tak buat Tingkatan Tujuh aih. Belum. Lagi xD
We were there to settle up money issue.
See, folks! People hunt for money and because of money, people hunt you! xD
Somehow I feel like cannibal .-. Help me, Crusoe! xD

I'm, a Sirajuddin, totally not involved in money crisis between those P. Ramlees (shown above) xD
I just want to return Red's ellipse. Sorry, I borrowed it too long xD
Phew! What a tiring day! I became more tired after I bumped into Nicky!!! xD
Tak dak aih. Terasa ka, Nicky? Memang kak Ili berniat pun xDDD

Well then, study hard and study smart dear old all Frees!♥
Has, samseng garang sikit dengan Warwar! Dia SPM tahun ni! xD
Tapi, Has mesti tak segarang Cikgu Hanif. Kan, Erdi? xDDD
Oh ya, Oyak looks so genius just now when he answered killer Math's question x.,x

P.S. When I'm excited, I typed a long post. Than usual! xD

Answered Pe'ah;
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's Up?


Uuu yaa yaa uuu yaa eii, uuu yei! xD
Okay, bagi laluan kat iklan sat tadi :b
Well! well, well, well!
Being sick is not fun at all, indeed!
I hope and I pray for your health. All off you!♥

"Apabila kamu merasa sakit, Insya-Allah dosa-dosa kamu sedang diampuni oleh Allah" - Ricky

P.S. Awal-awal tahun dah sakit. Alaaahaaai... x.x

Kool Fever;
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