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Monday, January 9, 2012

How To Make a Doodle?

Only a basic and simple Doodle♥

Dhiya and dear folks!
Here's, a tutorial about making a Doodle using PhotoScape!♥

Follow these steps;
1. Editor.
2. Menu (At the top right)
3. New Photo (Width; 640, Height; 480 and Color; White), Click OK!
4. Oject (At the bottom left) [Refer to image below]
Always focus on the red box

5. Click Circle Mode and draw her face [Refer to image below]
Pick your own skin colour!♥

6. Click Rounded Box Mode and draw her hijab on her face
Be smart in adjusting her hijab position!

7. Right click mouse on her hijab and click Back to get back her face! xD [Refer to image below]
Clicked it? Saw her face again? Magic, isn't it? xD

8. Click Circle Mode and draw her eyes.
Black for big eyes and white for small one!
Draw the big one first. Small on top of it♥
 Remember, be smart in adjusting! xD

9. Click Text, type a closed bracket symbol ")" to draw her smile ( :
Be creative if you want her to have eyebrows, nose or whatever!♥
Text ; Agency FB, Text size; 50, Colour; Black, Tick Vertical, OK!♥

10. Click Box Mode and make her a nice baju kurung!
Make it twice; for her different colour of top and bottom!
Don't forget to click Back to make it nice!♥

11. Click Rounded Box Mode and draw her sleeves
Click Back as usual♥

12. Click Circle Mode to draw her cute hands♥
Pick the same skin colour, Okay! ( ;

13. Last touch; click Circle Mode and draw her shoes!
She's complete!♥

14. Save and you're done! Congratificatilation!♥

P.S. Warna kegemaran sapa la tu! :b

Doodling Happily;
Any Questions? Ask Here!


Liselle MonCherie said...

Awww,what a really cute tut! :3
Nicely done!

ilishaheera said...

Yays for tut! xD
I'll try my very best to make a good tut.From A-Z. Complete steps! 90% perhaps xD