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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Management Office

Time : 12.30PM
Venue : Bukit Jambul Complex

Bird's view of Bukit Jambul Complex from the Management Office's level. Awesome!!!

I went there to meet Veronica♥
No, not a date =.,=
She asked me to come over and collect my things.

This is my very first time to go to the highest level of this Complex!
Level Six! The management office is there .-.
Quite tough, risky, challenging and adventurous to go there...alone!
Very quite place, looks abandoned, creepy, dark, okay STOP! x.x

P.S. Before you reach there, you'll freak out first. But after you're inside of the office, "Phew, what a relief!"

Third Place;
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anis_zafirah said...

owh....veronica is the one who involve in ur shoe paint competition right?...ahaha XD..your explanation about the level six is almost like horror movie..ahaha...maybe u should ask someone to accompanied u...

Liselle MonCherie said...

What are you collecting?

ilishaheera said...

I'll explain in my next post :3

ilishaheera said...

Anis, Yes, Veronica^^
It is horror!!! xD Lucky me that Ummi accompanied me! She's the best mother in the whole world! Yei yei! x3

anis_zafirah said...

hmm...great..i'll sure u be more confident walking at the high place..Yeah,your mother is a best mother... wow..how nice of she...

ilishaheera said...

Tapi tingkat 16 kalau tak boleh, gayaaat xD

anis_zafirah said...

ahaha...km pon sama aihh...tu tinggi sgt tu..takot...