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Friday, January 13, 2012

Posto, Posto!

Tangan sapa la tu, pffft! =.,=

Around 10AM...

People : Hello, Sharifah? I'm from Bukit Jambul.
Ili : Hmmm... e.e (Blurred and sleepy)
People : Are you working?
Ili : Yes...
People : When will you be at home?
Ili : Hmmm, today I'm not working z.z
People : Around 11AM, our despatch will send your trophy.
Ili : ukk 
And yes, 11AM, I got my brilliant bronze trophy!♥
Woow, woow! What? Trophy???
Okay, last 17th December 2011, I've entered Design My Shoe.
It's a contest!^^
Organized by Bukit Jambul Complex.

Disc Jockey : Now, I'll announce the 2nd runner up!
Ili : 2nd runner up is second place, huh?
Chansy : Third place la, my dear!
Disc Jockey : Contestant number 10!!!
Ili : 0.0
Chansy : -Looks at her dear- 0.0!!!
Disc Jockey : Sharifah Ili Shaheera!!!
So, that's it... -faints- xD

P.S. Liselle, yesterday I went to their management office to take my contest certificate. Today, they sent me my trophy!♥

Art Lover;
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Liselle MonCherie said...

Wow!! fantastic artwork!
Congratz!! :3
You deserve to win!

ilishaheera said...

Third place only but i'm glad that I won ( ;
Seriously, there's more nicer shoes than mine!

Liselle MonCherie said...

Luck be with you :3

ilishaheera said...


Aujinz said...

Congratulation! XD..

ilishaheera said...

Thank you! XD..