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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Question of the Day!

"Klik untuk tumbesaran"! :b

Let's talk about Formspring!
About the Question of the day section.
I always saw other people's view and today I was surprise! 0.0
Me : Hey, that's me! That's really me! \(>A<)/ Yaaays! xD
Okay333, I'm too excited over a small things xD

Ouh, and my answer for the question was :
Yes, yes! I like to sing karaoke, indeed! xD
Depan tu mukadimah panjang sangat xD
Yes, when I was 12, I love to sing Kidz's song, titled "Demi Cinta"
Karox berkali-kali kot (Lokasi : rumah sahaja) xD

P.S. Kecik-kecik Ili dah pandai main cinta lagu cinta woo! Pergh!!

Sang Pencinta;
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Liselle MonCherie said...

Jiwang ahh,
Tak pa aih start loving people from the early life,
Practice makes perfect,or should I say purrrrfection!

ilishaheera said...

Jiwang la sangat -Sambil letakkan tangan di bahu, mata ke atas, kembangkan hidung dan herotkan mulut- xD