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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

School's In!

Time : 8.30AM - 11.45AM.
Veneu : Penang Free School.

From left; Chansy, Edi Zaki.

Chansy? Where? Heheh . . .
No more unidentified fingers, focus on the red box. It's her hand(s)!
Oit, oit, oit! fokus mana tu? Cowok-cowok itu sudah punya pacar, ngerti? xD

Okay, School's in and as you saw the image above, My friends and I were INside the SCHOOL. Today!♥
Tak, bukan, Malaysia tak buat Tingkatan Tujuh aih. Belum. Lagi xD
We were there to settle up money issue.
See, folks! People hunt for money and because of money, people hunt you! xD
Somehow I feel like cannibal .-. Help me, Crusoe! xD

I'm, a Sirajuddin, totally not involved in money crisis between those P. Ramlees (shown above) xD
I just want to return Red's ellipse. Sorry, I borrowed it too long xD
Phew! What a tiring day! I became more tired after I bumped into Nicky!!! xD
Tak dak aih. Terasa ka, Nicky? Memang kak Ili berniat pun xDDD

Well then, study hard and study smart dear old all Frees!♥
Has, samseng garang sikit dengan Warwar! Dia SPM tahun ni! xD
Tapi, Has mesti tak segarang Cikgu Hanif. Kan, Erdi? xDDD
Oh ya, Oyak looks so genius just now when he answered killer Math's question x.,x

P.S. When I'm excited, I typed a long post. Than usual! xD

Answered Pe'ah;
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Liselle MonCherie said...

Hahah,u really missed school? :P
This post is the best! :DDD love it <3

ilishaheera said...

I'm afraid, yes xD I really missed school life!!!
Best post, eh? Honestly, which part? xD

Liselle MonCherie said...

Canibal-Crusoe! aaaa Friday XP

ilishaheera said...

I still remember how Crusoe make the canoe xD