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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a Day!

Time : 9.10AM.
Venue : Penang Free School.

A bus stop. Infront of Penang Free School.
Red box : Botoi sapa la tu? :b

Today is my first day of working under Cikgu Hanif. 
Supposed to be...
But everythings went wrong. He's absent! 
Ili : Now what?
Zaa : -Starts her motorcycle engine-

Based on the image above, You can tell that I'm bored to death waiting for Rapid bus!
1st bus, Drove away just like that! Am I invisible or what? 0.0
2nd bus, I've to let it go because it won't pass by my house.
3rd bus, I'm the third passenger!♥

Before that, A foreigner perhaps (because he sounded like Kak Arga Indonesian) asked me for directions.
Woow, woow! Are you an explorer? In your nightmare if you think I'll say "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the maaap~!"

Foreigner : Penang Road di mana ya?
Ili : ... (Heard that before but I can't tell because I'm not sure)
Foreigner : Georgetown? 
Ili : !!! (Heard of that! I think I know!) [Still unsure]
Foreigner : KOMTAR?
Ili : -Points opposite road- (Quite sure about it!)
Foreigner : Jadi, saya seharusnya mengambil bas di sebelah sana, ya? 
-Sambil menuding jari ke arah perhentian bas yang berlawanan-
Ili : -Nods-
Foreigner : Jadi saya sudah silap ni! Betul ya yang di sebelah sana?
Ili : -Nods-
Foreigner : Silap pula... -Sambil menyeberangi lautan jalan-
Okay, seriously, I have to study Atlas .-. 
Pulau Pinang for the beginning!♥
*Bracket means that I'm talking to myself xD

After I've arrived near by my house, I feel like visiting Pe'ah!
Well, After school's end, I always dreamt about her (mostly)
So, this is it! I'm gonna meet her today!
Ili : Are you at home? I'm going there! (On the phone)
Pe'ah : I'm working, Tesco Textra Tordinary Extra!
Ili : That's near! I'm on my way!

Noel, a boutique where she works :3
Ili : No-el :D
Pe'ah : Noel
Okay333, Shame on me. I can't even pronounce it correctly! xD

Same goes to Quay...
Ili : Ku-way
Linguaphone Promoter : Ki
Ili : Ouh? Ki... >.< ///
Linguaphone Promoter : You should buy one...
Okay333!!! Stop it! I know I'm weak in pronouncing words! Don't force me indirectly to buy Linguaphone! I have no time, I tak free! xD

P.S. Ummi, borong Noel jujum? Bagi Pe'ah dapat komisen xD

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Liselle MonCherie said...

Haha,sounds like you become an explorer today!
:3 wish could be there with you

Hanmean said...

waiting for the bus? cool

here, we're taking bus for along journey only, we'd prefer van since no bus..hehe...

hanmean pernah naik bas masa sek ren dulu, about 8 years ago kot...tapi dah xde bas ulang-alik..

ilishaheera said...

I love adventure! xD Join me!

Waiting is not cool. It's cooler and looks cool when we're in the bus xD
Bus rocks!

Dhiya_Diyana said...

Ili naek buss Rapid Penang laaa....XDD

ilishaheera said...

Pengangkutan kegemaranku<3