. ili: 2013
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

25th December 2015

Check the day on that date, dear.
I am continuously think about it. Sometimes.
The thought gets deeper and I start thinking about circumstances that could be. Soon.
The thoughts just racing by through my head just like that.

Be ready, Amirul...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ammar Azam

...just attended a talk about this great young man.
I can't even fall asleep listening about his greatness.
You belong there Ammar, with your angels ( :

Amirul is a great young man too.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Money Outside Bags?

While people were busy buzzing about 11/12/13, I don't. Really.
So I heard that we're the only generation that be the witnesses of these date, ay?
01/02/03 Standard five and Cikgu Azhar nearly scared me out of my skin!
02/03/04 The Rejected One... ask me why!
03/04/05 Girl oh, girl! I'm searching for some piece of mind.
04/05/06 Oh, I found a real life anime-like character.
05/06/07 The golden age. The old ili, such a smart girl.
06/07/08 The dark ages since entering science stream. HAHA!
07/08/09 Tata, school-life!
08/09/10 Oh, nice to meet you again, school-life?
09/10/11 Uniforms suits me well actually. I feel as young as standard 6!
10/11/12 Refer below paragraph. Boleh macam tu?
11/12/13 of course, today. Yays huh...?

10/11/12 is more important ...used to be one. Why? It was my 20th bornday!
This matters most! Such a beautiful birthdate of mine last year.
Pass is pass but I can't let it pass from my memory just like that. Woowee~
Still... friends mistaken my birthdate; to 11/10. Hmmm... After 10 is 11. Mine is 10/11. Easy to remember right?
Cewah, kerja nak orang ingat tarikh lahir kita ja tau =.,=

Amirul ingat ka dak? Huhu...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My November

The last November of 2013 and I just said Hello?
The time seems to pass by too fast. But sometimes so slow.

14th April feels like yesterday...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Running Rain

I'm going to make this post as short as I can.
Today is a rainy day ...will last for weeks I think.
Only one class today and ended up watching Running Man with cik nab after that.
I picked one episode and it shows Running Man running in rain. So, it's raining everywhere I see.

Man, I wanted to type more but then it'll be short no more.

Amirul pun tonton Running Man.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pillow, Don't Go!

Turn off the corridor lights at night?
Tu tak lestari tapi ngeri!

Back to the pillow! Grrr...
I saw my friend tweeted saying that he forgot to bring his pillow to the hostel.
Well, I laughed.
...and I laughed again yesterday ...at myself for forgetting my pillow.
...and today I had a nice chit chat with Nita from Indonesia. She's a PhD student of School of Housing, Building and Planning (HBP)!
Okay, lawak pulak bila bunyikan HBP dengan dialek Australia gitu; "hesh-bay-pay"
Rajin jugak terkeliru HBP sebagai BHP. Dah supo keda minyak!

Nitaaa! Yes, Nita! Today, Nita asked me where she can buy a pillow.
I tell you! She forgot to bring her pillow too!
Me iz laughing again liddat!
Pillows driving us crazaaay!

Without pillow,
Everybody goes slow,
Need no candle to glow,
Just a pillow to .........z Z Z z Z

Tidoq! Tidoq! Esok kelaih pukoi lapan pagi baq hang!
Sat, tapi kan, comei kan kucing tu! Lena kemain dapat bantai.

Amirul in diploma, me with degree and Nita; PhD. Now, who's the master!? ...encik Aswari? Huhu... Nakai betoi Dr. Asyiek hat satu tu. Ligat mengusik. Mai kita usik dia balik. Teeheehee... Eh? panjang pulak segmen bawah kali ni. "Segmen" youuu~! Kau tak hadooo kan? Pi buat satu lekaih, pi.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poor Kitty

At laaast! My kitties are clean and crystal clear. Haaa, gituuu.
Eeer... hiperbola ja. Gambaq tu pun propa ja. Culik daripada encik Google.
On the first of September, today is the first bath for them; Eldon and Alix and the gang!
Too many too list but here they're;
Eldon, Dwight, Jenggo and Bruna. (Eldon seems to be the leader of their batch)
Alix, Cavell and Gifford. (Alix? The active one will lead)
Not that much actually, huh...

Hopefully they will be in a good condition always when I'm away from home.
Oh, Ideaaa! Everytime I visit home, I should get them for their next bath! *evuuul laugh*
So wet and so thin. So sad and funny at the same time. Meows for help.
I heard that, the first time will be the hardest one. They'll get use to water next time perhaps.

Kot mana pun nak selit nama Amirul. Hmmm... Amirul tak bela binatang peliharaan setahu ili. Huhu...

Saturday, August 31, 2013

3181957, Merdeka!

Yes, that's from Google and the title are from W.A.R.I.S's lyric in his national day song. You know him? Tak ponah donga ko cik adik? Waghih! Waghih! Waghih!
Tak boleh lupa la yang yuki ingat tu lagu orang Afrika. Hahaha333!

Oh, yes! Happy Independence Day, dear Malaysia!
We've reached 56 years of freedom from British colonial rule.
Keep calm and stay free like me, the old frees~
Wait. Old? Me iz sad.........

Pandai encik Google buat simbol bunga raya yang bercorakkan Jalur Gemilang untuk menggantikan huruf "o" dia. Teeheehee...

Encik Amirul pun pandai orangnya.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hahahappy Bornday!

Running Man...
I don't really watch variety show. Korean variety show is something fun to watch, I knew that and I always wanted to watch Running Man in a serious manner. HAHA!
Not because of people around me watching it.
Not because my friend; Amir forced me to watch to.
Not because they once, made Big Bang ran together with them, no.
(La ni baru dok pulun download episod hat tu)

But becauuuse... I knew that Running Man is fun. Full stop. HAHA!
Okay, that's a laugh. I'm not calling that birthday boy's name.
What a breaking heart story. I'm just starting to like Haha and my roommate told me that he's someone husband. He's a father too!
Saengil chukha hamnida~ Saengil chukha hamnida~ Saengil chukha hamnida, Haha Ha Dong-hoon.

The end.

Amirul suka betoi Haha ...sebab lawak kot. ili pun suka melawak tau. ...krik krik...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lincoln Park

So I heard that they're coming to Malaysia and already starterd their performance 8:00 PM ago. Fine, now 10:00 PM+
Haha! I sounded like as if I'm going to their concert! Well, I wanted to but Kuala Lumpur? Bello, I'm in Pulau Pinang! HAHA!
Okay, cukup tak suka sebut penang. Wujud ka? Bukan Pulau Pinang ka yang wujud? Huhu...

Lincoln Park? Oh, yes! The band initially wanted to utilize the name "Lincoln Park", however they changed it to "Linkin"
...and the logo means "LP". It been used since the release of their third album; Minutes to Midnight.
I used to listen to their songs in Hybrid Theory over and over again~ Just like before~ Everything you say to me~ Oops. Ter-karox pulak kan.

Suka Michael Kenji Shinoda! Suka Linkin Park! Suka sangat Amirul!!! Eh?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

That's all Folks!

About Maxis, Jyeah... they've deactivated my sim.
Soon, someone else are going to own my number. Hmmm...
The end of Maxis and me for the second time.

The end of Mier (Amirul) and me too? Naaah...
Love is not measured by communication service anyway. Huhu.
Oh, wait =.,=

"The end of Mier (Amirul) and me too? Naaah..." "Naaah..."???
Naaah? NaaaAAAH??? Hmmm...
Aaaaaaaaa miiiiiiiii ruuuuuuuuul~~~! Can you hear me? I'm calling your name~!
Okay, obviously, I'm typing. Entah Amirul baca ke tidak.

I just want him to know that I'm not going to give up on him even it seems to be hopeless day by day. I won't stop. I don't stop ...unless I'm dead. As long as I'm alive, "the end" will never exist.
Wah, ili! Kemain lagi ea. Semangat sungguh kalau bab Amirul ni. Naik cemuih jugak budak tu sat lagi. Huhu...

I can still remember how Amirul sounds like.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Butter, don't fly!

Fly~ Fly while you can~
But why you don't? What brought you here? You're in black. Scary hairy legs. Aaah! I screamed. It's poisonous!!! I yelled. No, it's not... Ummi tried to calm me. Then okay .-.
They said, if butterfly flew into your house, it means something.
Tapi macam syirik. Macam khurafat. Macam tak betoi. Macam-macam laaa...
Tapi nak cerita jugaaak! Teeheehee...

They said, someone from far might be visiting very soon.
Okay, Perak dikira jauh tak dari Pulau Pinang? Tapi takkan la Amirul nak teruih pi Pulau Pinang dari Perak kan. Okay, Kedah dikira jauh tak dari Pulau Pinang? Huhu! Yakin ja ili ni kan =.,=
Tapi nak raya dah. Macam logik jugak kalau Amirul mai Pulau Pinang. Mai buat apa lagi kalau bukan jumpa ili? Lalala~ Rasa bahagia jugak noh bila dok perasan sorang-sorang ni. HAHA!

...and they even said that someone might come to propose.
Propose who? Please answer according to my thinking. HAHA! My bad. I wanted to be with Amirul too much. Suddenly, there's a guy said that it's better to be with someone that wanted to be with us too much.
Look, if someone (Let's name as A) wanted to be with B, it's better for A to be with C because C wanted to be with A. But then, it's better for C to be with D when everyone knows that it's better to be with the one who wanted to be with us not vice versa. But then again, in the end, it seems like nobody will be with nobody. Eeer... @__@
Haaa laaa... sebab A nak B tapi Lebih baik pilih C sebab C nak A. Dah tu, Boleh pulak C dapat A? Padahai Lebih baik C pilih D sebab D yang nak dia. Apa pulak nasib E? F? G? ...sampai Z la jawabnya! Zzz... zzZz~

They even said that something bad might happen!!!
Remember? It's black! Hairy! She even look at me, straight into me eyes! 
But I sense no killing instinct.
Amboi ili. Asai hitam ja benda tak baik. Asai gelap ja tak eloq. Ni la manusia. Tengok warna ja kerja depa. Eh, tapi Amirul putih, cerah lagi. Huhu... Eh! serius ili tak tengok sekadar paras rupa laaa. Dah Amirul memang segak nak buat macam mana... Nak buat suami, dia diam jaaa. Nak kata dia setuju ka tak pun tak tau laaa. Apa yang penting, teruskan bersangka baik, berfikiran positif dan sedapkan hati sendiri. Hak hak!

Enough with your dreams, ili.
Sat lagi rama-rama tu rasa menyesai pulak bertandang ke rumah. Padahai niat dia cuma nak berteduh ja. Cuaca tak menentu belakangan ni. Tu ja. Apa daaa... APTB!
Apa-apapun, toksah dok percaya sangat semua ni. Risau menyimpang. Kita ada Allah, apa susah hati? Tadah tangan, doa ja. Jangan gelabah dah lepaih ni kalau ada rama-rama masuk rumah noh. Biasa-biasa sudah. wan suka!

Amirul. One very fine day, will you eventually come here and take me as your wife? Huhu...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bites You!

It's Ramadan and I'm posting this...
It's not about food actually but communications service provider that is Maxis.
Lagipun kita dah besaq, takkan terliuq kot tengok makanan?
Rasa lapaq tu mungkinlah. Huhu...
Puasa ni kita kena tahan dari perbuatan makan ja, tahan rasa lapaq tak boleh...
Sapa boleh? Let me clap for you. 
Eh, daripada letak cekelat rice, lebih baik letak cekelat cip. HAHA!

Maxis. They stated that "Only Maxis gives you more."
No wonder my number is not banned yet. I didn't meant that I wanted it to happen but during 4th July, I've been warned to top up or else, my account will be expired in seven days. During 10th July, they said it'll be expired by tomorrow... 
Wait, seven days for sure? It's been 14 days already and the number are still alive and mine! ...mine! mine! mine!~ (Please read with echoes) Hahaha333!
Now, I'm proudly accept the statement; "Only Maxis gives you more."
Thank you for now but you didn't act like what you said. 
I feel like biting you...! *Om nom nom*

I can still remember my old maxis number. Well, I didn't top up for three months in a row and the number automatically being re-sell I think. Yasmin bought it.
ili cakap macam kenai ja si Yasmin kan. Tak kenai pun. Kawan-kawan la terkejut bila mesej nombor lama ili tu, orang tu balaih, habaq yang dia tu Yasmin. Bukan ili.
Please don't get shocked if soon, there's someone else replied you when you texted my number. "Who on earth is ili?"

Sebenaqnya, sayang jugak ili ke nombor maxis ili tu.
Belakang dia sama Amirul; 314. Awatlah tak 143! Huhu...
Tak dak apa, mai kita songsangkan ayat pejadi; You, I love (314).
Pun boleeeh! Teeheehee...

Amirul cukup sayang nombor dia.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amirul said Yes!

Woow, woow, woow, keep calm and make no wild thoughts!
Lately, I've been thinking too much, way too much about love. Huhu...
I can hold my feelings but I can't hold if someone expresses love towards Amirul, No!
Now I'm so panic and I feel like telling to the world that I love him.
Blog world is just not enough...

I wanted his family to know about my existance together with my feelings to Amirul.
Hey, I'm not being flirty.
I'm just being honest with my feelings ...towards my own self.........
I want people to understands that... teenage love is not all about wrongdoings.
I know that it's not the way of Islam (love relationship before marriage). That's why I wanted to confront his family.
Waaah... bunyi dah macam nak pi berperang noh. Seraaang! Seraaang!!!~
I'll fight for what I love! I'm both a fighter and a lover!
...lover? Eeer... @__@
I want to love in the right way!

About the title, actually......... it's just a mere dream. Ha... ha... ha... :'(
Amirul said yes when I texted him about I'm going to his house and telling the truth.
"Go ahead then."
As simple as that he replied.
That's so him.

Oh myyy... it's hard for me to dream about him but now it turned out to be the other way around!
Ya Allah... hanya Engkaulah yang Maha Memahami segala-galanya di dunia ini.
I sounded serious, ay? Yes, I am...
But epol said that I might just be like that for not too long. I just needed some time to recover myself. The thing is, I'm not hurt. I'm seriousss, remember?
But then... hmmm...

Amirul, once, you said that you're worried if you lose me.
Now, I'm the worried one.
I bet you knew how the feelings are...
The feelings of not losing the love one.

I love you so much, too much, very much ...much much more and I want to be the halal one for you. If not today, maybe tomorrow? ...and so on.
Tak salah kan kalau minta benda yang tak salah? Kahwin tak salah kan? Daripada mintak jadi gepreng yang entah jadi bini ka tidak tu, lebih baik mintak jadi isteri.
Kan kan kan? .........kaaan.
Persoalannya... nak ke si Amirul tu ke ili? Adesss! @__@

Amirul, Fahamilah ili... 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Best Medicine.

I received love message twice.
Enough maxis! Lucky you gave me free sms last time, I'll show mercy this time.
Hmmm... "Love is the best medicine" ay?
You left me questioning "Love towards who!?"

If it's family love, I'm 100% agree.
Who are we without mother ♥
Father plays the role too, without him, we're still a soul with no body to live inside to.
Boys-girls love? *crunches the love pill!!!*
Guys, can't all of you just wait the true love and legally on the side of religion?

Semua tau kan couple tu haram... berkasih sayang dengan bukan mahram... huhu... tau la best. Hat mana tak boleh hat tu yang best kan. Tapi hat halal memang susah sikit, tapi berbaloi dengan usaha nak dapatkan benda halal tu. Dah la halal, dapat pahala In Shaa Allah.
Kalau nak teruskan couple tu, teruskanlah. Memang kita ni, manusia, sangat kuat nak hadapi semua azab yang menanti. Kuat sangat *letak tangan di bahu*

Kesimpulannya anak-anak, hidup ni kena pikiaq dosa pahala. Nak buat apa-apa pun kena pikiaq dosa pahala. Nak kentut pun kena pikiaq, takkan nak kentut betoi-betoi tang batang hidung orang kan. Kesian kawan, sesaklah nafas dia untuk beberapa saat. Kita mestilah cover line, kentut kat pokok kaaa... bermanfaat lagi tu. Depa kan suka tu semua. Haaa, oyak pasa ketut plop ke. HAHA!

Amirul dah buat keputusan yang terbaik. Tabik spring! Toing yoing yoing!

Mr. Soya Bean

Oh my lord!
Since when my blog turned out to be a love blog!?
Shame on you, ili!

Whose Mr. Soya Bean is it, anyway???
Vitamilk is a soya bean drink.
Okay, tak menjawab persoalan. Jawaban tak membina langsung =.,=

I don't know what's wrong with me?
Someone, please hit me *gives soya bean glass bottle*

People always said that love is complicated ...and I agreed.
But does anybody realize or agree that crush is super complicated!!?
Haaa, kau. Dah macam super moon kan. Mentang-mentang hari ni  23 Jun kan.

Mr. Soya Bean. He's my lecturer. My super senior.
Sounds funny though...
I prefer calling him by his name. Not the nick one with no meaning.
Let's support the real name, guys!
Tapi kat sini kena cover line. Malulah saya... Huhu...

He helped me to open my soya glass bottle.
Terima kasih fahani kerana memahamiku. Huhuuu...
Not that really a heroic action of him but to be honest, I kept the bottle .-.
Jujur tak kena tempat pulak ili ni...
Sayang betoi tak simpan penutup botoi tu sekali!
...and that's how the name; Mr. Soya Bean is created!
Cetusan idea atoi la niii!

Enough with my never end dreams.
Come on, ili! He's your lecturer! He's busy with his studies too as a master student.
Soon, he might go somewhere else and see you no more!
Maybe both of you are meant to seeing each other for temporary only.
Wake up, ili! You're such a small servant with super big unlogical dreams.
Don't be over confident even you're friends are supporting you and keep telling you that he's single and I should go for it. Oh myyy... I'm here in USM, to study. Don't play play, iliii!!!!

La ni, Amirul nak letak mana? @__@

Thursday, June 13, 2013


When I play a game and been confused, I'll not hit any button and stay calm.
Hoping that I'll not hurt myself for being confused during attacking.
Other option is to run away!
The great escape!

The method is usable for love life too, I think.
I'm so confuse now.
...and I know that I should do nothing so that less mistake is made.
BUT I should not run away. That's mean I'm a loser. Give up that early.
Early at the age of 20+.
What? I'm not celebrating my handphone rebate yet, so THAT"S IT.
I'm not 21 years old yet.

Confusion, confusion, confusion said Salman.
Deep inside my heart, I'm still hoping for Amirul.
Sorry pengy. Sorry ijan. Sorry everyone.
#Pui. Statement macam bajet hot. Mohon sepak.

Amirul, Hopefully we're together soon ...until Jannah, In Shaa Allah!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Love talk.
Amboi, ili bab cinta mencintainye pun laju ja =.,=
Hmmm, lately, I have been thinking about this in a serious manner.
Wah, gitu. Kau hade? Tapi tak bermakna sebelum ni tak serius.

I should stop couple-ing now. You should too.
We never know if the person is our soul partner. We knows nothing.
Let love be the purest thing to cherish to between husband and wife(s).
Not boyfriend-girlfriend. Burn them all. Kite bakooor!
Wait, I did typed wife(s). Why? Because I support polygamy IF the husband really capable ...in EVERY ASPECT of course.

Now, I will hold myself from being in love and be loved.
But crush is an another story to reveal to. HAHA!
Well, people are likely attracted to what they see, especially nice to see, nice to hold thing.
But for me, personality is the thing.
Sometimes I like quiet person, tall, deep voice, nice smile, spikey hair, tough body, cheeky, hot tempered, funny, small eyes etc etc etc.
It can be anything! It could be you! Oh myyy! #Pffft!
I am so random. I am flexible. I am ili.

21 and thinking about love.
Usually girls turned out to be a woman at the age of 25, right?
So, it's okay to think about her future four years before that age, right? HAHA!
Gatai? ...nak tunggu umoq 52 baru nak gatai kalau, parah la. Parah... parah...
Tapi kalau 52 masih gatai dengan suami, sangat manis. So sweet bak kata omputih.
Hak hak. Adoi laaa... *Baling buluh kat diri sendiri* Garu garu... garu garu...

I am in a great dilemma actually.
Dilemma in love. Love okay, not couple.
When I was in school, teachers said that do not rush for love yet because we will found some later on when we continue study. Some? Jyeah. But only one of them will become someone that we married to when we're working. In Shaa Allah.
Please don't get me wrong. The teachers didn't meant that I have to be a player and date with guys in a time but they meant; I have to get to know to many people. "Get to know" not "couple", you know? So that, I can analyse and choose the best. Best in (again) ...every aspect of course.
Sila rujuk perenggan dua, baris kelima. HAHA!

Different with my friends' opinion. They said don't think about love! Don't abuse the brain with love matter. We will found our special someone when we're working soon.
Hello. Working is the busiest range of time in our life.
The time to search for soul partner are very limited.
But it's okay. opinions always right.
Haaa, kau. Dah macam customer is always right!

Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved~
Pandai pulak lagu si Jason ni masuk time time lagu ni.
I like to share about heart and feeling matter with my girlfriends. Wow, I sounds like a lesbo! Boo me.
I shared about him, about that guy, this guy, guy guy guy gay. #Oops.
At the end, they concluded that I should be with this guy not that guy because blah blah blah...
I wonder... what if, in the end. I'm with no one. All by myself. Pity me but no worry, I'm okay with anything that comes around and goes around me.
People come, people go and people gonna come some more...
But if there's no more? That means, I'm already diffused with soil that time. How come can see people some more? See from above? Then, bury me up there not down below. Huhu...

Hoi! lapan perenggan. Kalau ceramah panjang lagu ni, semua pakat-pakat tidoq lena jom!
I want to mention someone's name actually. He is so... happy-go-lucky person but now no more. I realized that he is emo nowadays.
My cliques' said that he is like that because of me. Based on what they said, I didn't realize about his true feelings towards me. Woots!?
If he do likes me... why on earth he supports me with other guy? I'm so confused.
Bukak la mata tu! Kata si moon.
But he did said that if he likes someone, he might not get her. His statement shot straight at me! That's what I felt that time.
Bukan nak perasan tapi memang terasa yang dia suka ili. Pui. Perasan benooor ili ni =.,=

Yesterday was my course family day.
He sang a song. Even it's just a song, I felt shooted, again. Perasan tak sudah.
He sounds funny and we laughed hard. I laughed but speechless in a same time. The lyric is about love; the guy admires a girl, wanted to be with her and blah blah blah...
Peiii...  kuat perasan ili ni. *Baling mikrofon ke ili*
As soon as we've done with the event, when we're back to campus already, he updated his status. It's a lyric; A sad love story.
The song was played during the event and I burst to tears. Actually I cried because I ate the spicy fried rice and was choke. Cried of choking while listening to a sad song. I'm more likely seing as crying of a sad song.
The lyric really looks like related to him and me. As if he accept of losing me, seeing me happy with other guy and so on. This situation makes me wanted to be with him happily ever after so badly. Like last time, the first semester, me, him and some more friends. We're close and like a family. We're happy being together. But now, it changes. I'm scared to get too near with guys. I'm scared to love again.

Hoi. Ada ka orang nak kat kau, ili?
Dok pikiaq banyak-banyak pasai cinta buat apa. Dok buat teruk.
Hak hak! ili... ili...
But then, he mentioned about someone. He dedicated a love message to someone out there when we're having somewhat dj session during the event; greeting session. But then again... he might just fooling around ...or I slightly hopes that he is fooling around?

Oh myyy! I'm so dilemma. What's wrong with me!?

I used to mentioned Amirul here. I should stop now.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

This is it!

Maybe now I can't vote.
Maybe next time who knows.
Maybe there will be no next time ...for me?

Today is my country's election day.
...and Google shown their care about it.
Sweet ...totally!

Sweet lagi Amirul sebenarnya. #tibatiba.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here Forever

I miss to blog.
Even I'm rarely seen to post something up here, I'm always here actually.
My heart and my mind always think about blogging.
...because it's just my favourite.
Since I've broke up with deary diary of course.

♥ I miss Amirul. Forever. Always.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thorny Hana

Hana means flower but that is not the subject matter that I wanted to issue on this post.
It's ana. Cik ana.
She is well-known for her fierce characteristic.
Fierce? For sure? ...naaah... I don't think so.
She has her own reason to be fierce like that.
I can feel her friendly side somehow.

We human, should not stick to our first impression only ...especially the negative one!
Relax and take some sweet time to know people.
Relax okay. Will you?

Let's get to know to Amirul, people! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Love

RM0.00: Tambat hati yang tersayang bla bla bla...
Hantar ON bla bla bla ke go to hell!

Mesej sesat macam ni semuanya boleh pergi meninggal.
Grrr... Banyak sangat kredit lettew.
Meh sini cek nak tambat se-top up dua ka. Hak hak!

Okay, nampak sangat permainan dia.
Tak tau nak blog apa kan.
Post macam ni pun bedal sajalah Labuuu. HAHA!

Nak tambat hati Amirul sorang ja.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ring the Alarm All the Way

Panic! That's what I felt for each time the fire bell rang.
The first one was the most panic. It was on last year 20th September.
Midnight and texted my hostel senior; Abang naz.
He's a master and I'm just a merely undergraduater.

Panic! I was panic but my other senior in the dorm were just cool.
They're just really cool like that or what?
I was like "THE HEAVEN WAS THAT!!?" on that time okay...

"It's nothing actually" said one of my senior to calm me down.
I nodded while holding tight my laptop and Domo.
That was a nice try to calm me down .-. ever...

Well, no wonder she asked me to calm down because Abang naz said to me that the alarm was faulty ...and always will be maybe?
Seniors knows best. But Allah knows everything.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Believe You Can Fly!

With the lowest fare, Air Asia can fly you anywhere.
I'm not promoting but if you grab the promo, it will be the super lowest fare.
My hostel friend here; moon, she always getting updates about these.
She can even spent time on Air Asia web like she's face-booking.
AirAsiaManageMy-booking perhaps!

I wanted to have my first flight too one day!

Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's 2013!!!
...and I'm thinking about to blog again!

Yes, there's nothing to do with Big Bang. HAHA!
It's just that "Comeback" reminds me of K-Pop.
...and K-Pop means Big Bang to me.
Big Bang means Tae Yang to me! Teeheehee...