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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Friday, June 7, 2013


Love talk.
Amboi, ili bab cinta mencintainye pun laju ja =.,=
Hmmm, lately, I have been thinking about this in a serious manner.
Wah, gitu. Kau hade? Tapi tak bermakna sebelum ni tak serius.

I should stop couple-ing now. You should too.
We never know if the person is our soul partner. We knows nothing.
Let love be the purest thing to cherish to between husband and wife(s).
Not boyfriend-girlfriend. Burn them all. Kite bakooor!
Wait, I did typed wife(s). Why? Because I support polygamy IF the husband really capable ...in EVERY ASPECT of course.

Now, I will hold myself from being in love and be loved.
But crush is an another story to reveal to. HAHA!
Well, people are likely attracted to what they see, especially nice to see, nice to hold thing.
But for me, personality is the thing.
Sometimes I like quiet person, tall, deep voice, nice smile, spikey hair, tough body, cheeky, hot tempered, funny, small eyes etc etc etc.
It can be anything! It could be you! Oh myyy! #Pffft!
I am so random. I am flexible. I am ili.

21 and thinking about love.
Usually girls turned out to be a woman at the age of 25, right?
So, it's okay to think about her future four years before that age, right? HAHA!
Gatai? ...nak tunggu umoq 52 baru nak gatai kalau, parah la. Parah... parah...
Tapi kalau 52 masih gatai dengan suami, sangat manis. So sweet bak kata omputih.
Hak hak. Adoi laaa... *Baling buluh kat diri sendiri* Garu garu... garu garu...

I am in a great dilemma actually.
Dilemma in love. Love okay, not couple.
When I was in school, teachers said that do not rush for love yet because we will found some later on when we continue study. Some? Jyeah. But only one of them will become someone that we married to when we're working. In Shaa Allah.
Please don't get me wrong. The teachers didn't meant that I have to be a player and date with guys in a time but they meant; I have to get to know to many people. "Get to know" not "couple", you know? So that, I can analyse and choose the best. Best in (again) ...every aspect of course.
Sila rujuk perenggan dua, baris kelima. HAHA!

Different with my friends' opinion. They said don't think about love! Don't abuse the brain with love matter. We will found our special someone when we're working soon.
Hello. Working is the busiest range of time in our life.
The time to search for soul partner are very limited.
But it's okay. opinions always right.
Haaa, kau. Dah macam customer is always right!

Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved~
Pandai pulak lagu si Jason ni masuk time time lagu ni.
I like to share about heart and feeling matter with my girlfriends. Wow, I sounds like a lesbo! Boo me.
I shared about him, about that guy, this guy, guy guy guy gay. #Oops.
At the end, they concluded that I should be with this guy not that guy because blah blah blah...
I wonder... what if, in the end. I'm with no one. All by myself. Pity me but no worry, I'm okay with anything that comes around and goes around me.
People come, people go and people gonna come some more...
But if there's no more? That means, I'm already diffused with soil that time. How come can see people some more? See from above? Then, bury me up there not down below. Huhu...

Hoi! lapan perenggan. Kalau ceramah panjang lagu ni, semua pakat-pakat tidoq lena jom!
I want to mention someone's name actually. He is so... happy-go-lucky person but now no more. I realized that he is emo nowadays.
My cliques' said that he is like that because of me. Based on what they said, I didn't realize about his true feelings towards me. Woots!?
If he do likes me... why on earth he supports me with other guy? I'm so confused.
Bukak la mata tu! Kata si moon.
But he did said that if he likes someone, he might not get her. His statement shot straight at me! That's what I felt that time.
Bukan nak perasan tapi memang terasa yang dia suka ili. Pui. Perasan benooor ili ni =.,=

Yesterday was my course family day.
He sang a song. Even it's just a song, I felt shooted, again. Perasan tak sudah.
He sounds funny and we laughed hard. I laughed but speechless in a same time. The lyric is about love; the guy admires a girl, wanted to be with her and blah blah blah...
Peiii...  kuat perasan ili ni. *Baling mikrofon ke ili*
As soon as we've done with the event, when we're back to campus already, he updated his status. It's a lyric; A sad love story.
The song was played during the event and I burst to tears. Actually I cried because I ate the spicy fried rice and was choke. Cried of choking while listening to a sad song. I'm more likely seing as crying of a sad song.
The lyric really looks like related to him and me. As if he accept of losing me, seeing me happy with other guy and so on. This situation makes me wanted to be with him happily ever after so badly. Like last time, the first semester, me, him and some more friends. We're close and like a family. We're happy being together. But now, it changes. I'm scared to get too near with guys. I'm scared to love again.

Hoi. Ada ka orang nak kat kau, ili?
Dok pikiaq banyak-banyak pasai cinta buat apa. Dok buat teruk.
Hak hak! ili... ili...
But then, he mentioned about someone. He dedicated a love message to someone out there when we're having somewhat dj session during the event; greeting session. But then again... he might just fooling around ...or I slightly hopes that he is fooling around?

Oh myyy! I'm so dilemma. What's wrong with me!?

I used to mentioned Amirul here. I should stop now.


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