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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mr. Soya Bean

Oh my lord!
Since when my blog turned out to be a love blog!?
Shame on you, ili!

Whose Mr. Soya Bean is it, anyway???
Vitamilk is a soya bean drink.
Okay, tak menjawab persoalan. Jawaban tak membina langsung =.,=

I don't know what's wrong with me?
Someone, please hit me *gives soya bean glass bottle*

People always said that love is complicated ...and I agreed.
But does anybody realize or agree that crush is super complicated!!?
Haaa, kau. Dah macam super moon kan. Mentang-mentang hari ni  23 Jun kan.

Mr. Soya Bean. He's my lecturer. My super senior.
Sounds funny though...
I prefer calling him by his name. Not the nick one with no meaning.
Let's support the real name, guys!
Tapi kat sini kena cover line. Malulah saya... Huhu...

He helped me to open my soya glass bottle.
Terima kasih fahani kerana memahamiku. Huhuuu...
Not that really a heroic action of him but to be honest, I kept the bottle .-.
Jujur tak kena tempat pulak ili ni...
Sayang betoi tak simpan penutup botoi tu sekali!
...and that's how the name; Mr. Soya Bean is created!
Cetusan idea atoi la niii!

Enough with my never end dreams.
Come on, ili! He's your lecturer! He's busy with his studies too as a master student.
Soon, he might go somewhere else and see you no more!
Maybe both of you are meant to seeing each other for temporary only.
Wake up, ili! You're such a small servant with super big unlogical dreams.
Don't be over confident even you're friends are supporting you and keep telling you that he's single and I should go for it. Oh myyy... I'm here in USM, to study. Don't play play, iliii!!!!

La ni, Amirul nak letak mana? @__@

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