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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amirul said Yes!

Woow, woow, woow, keep calm and make no wild thoughts!
Lately, I've been thinking too much, way too much about love. Huhu...
I can hold my feelings but I can't hold if someone expresses love towards Amirul, No!
Now I'm so panic and I feel like telling to the world that I love him.
Blog world is just not enough...

I wanted his family to know about my existance together with my feelings to Amirul.
Hey, I'm not being flirty.
I'm just being honest with my feelings ...towards my own self.........
I want people to understands that... teenage love is not all about wrongdoings.
I know that it's not the way of Islam (love relationship before marriage). That's why I wanted to confront his family.
Waaah... bunyi dah macam nak pi berperang noh. Seraaang! Seraaang!!!~
I'll fight for what I love! I'm both a fighter and a lover!
...lover? Eeer... @__@
I want to love in the right way!

About the title, actually......... it's just a mere dream. Ha... ha... ha... :'(
Amirul said yes when I texted him about I'm going to his house and telling the truth.
"Go ahead then."
As simple as that he replied.
That's so him.

Oh myyy... it's hard for me to dream about him but now it turned out to be the other way around!
Ya Allah... hanya Engkaulah yang Maha Memahami segala-galanya di dunia ini.
I sounded serious, ay? Yes, I am...
But epol said that I might just be like that for not too long. I just needed some time to recover myself. The thing is, I'm not hurt. I'm seriousss, remember?
But then... hmmm...

Amirul, once, you said that you're worried if you lose me.
Now, I'm the worried one.
I bet you knew how the feelings are...
The feelings of not losing the love one.

I love you so much, too much, very much ...much much more and I want to be the halal one for you. If not today, maybe tomorrow? ...and so on.
Tak salah kan kalau minta benda yang tak salah? Kahwin tak salah kan? Daripada mintak jadi gepreng yang entah jadi bini ka tidak tu, lebih baik mintak jadi isteri.
Kan kan kan? .........kaaan.
Persoalannya... nak ke si Amirul tu ke ili? Adesss! @__@

Amirul, Fahamilah ili... 

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