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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

That's all Folks!

About Maxis, Jyeah... they've deactivated my sim.
Soon, someone else are going to own my number. Hmmm...
The end of Maxis and me for the second time.

The end of Mier (Amirul) and me too? Naaah...
Love is not measured by communication service anyway. Huhu.
Oh, wait =.,=

"The end of Mier (Amirul) and me too? Naaah..." "Naaah..."???
Naaah? NaaaAAAH??? Hmmm...
Aaaaaaaaa miiiiiiiii ruuuuuuuuul~~~! Can you hear me? I'm calling your name~!
Okay, obviously, I'm typing. Entah Amirul baca ke tidak.

I just want him to know that I'm not going to give up on him even it seems to be hopeless day by day. I won't stop. I don't stop ...unless I'm dead. As long as I'm alive, "the end" will never exist.
Wah, ili! Kemain lagi ea. Semangat sungguh kalau bab Amirul ni. Naik cemuih jugak budak tu sat lagi. Huhu...

I can still remember how Amirul sounds like.

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