. ili: September 2013
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Running Rain

I'm going to make this post as short as I can.
Today is a rainy day ...will last for weeks I think.
Only one class today and ended up watching Running Man with cik nab after that.
I picked one episode and it shows Running Man running in rain. So, it's raining everywhere I see.

Man, I wanted to type more but then it'll be short no more.

Amirul pun tonton Running Man.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pillow, Don't Go!

Turn off the corridor lights at night?
Tu tak lestari tapi ngeri!

Back to the pillow! Grrr...
I saw my friend tweeted saying that he forgot to bring his pillow to the hostel.
Well, I laughed.
...and I laughed again yesterday ...at myself for forgetting my pillow.
...and today I had a nice chit chat with Nita from Indonesia. She's a PhD student of School of Housing, Building and Planning (HBP)!
Okay, lawak pulak bila bunyikan HBP dengan dialek Australia gitu; "hesh-bay-pay"
Rajin jugak terkeliru HBP sebagai BHP. Dah supo keda minyak!

Nitaaa! Yes, Nita! Today, Nita asked me where she can buy a pillow.
I tell you! She forgot to bring her pillow too!
Me iz laughing again liddat!
Pillows driving us crazaaay!

Without pillow,
Everybody goes slow,
Need no candle to glow,
Just a pillow to .........z Z Z z Z

Tidoq! Tidoq! Esok kelaih pukoi lapan pagi baq hang!
Sat, tapi kan, comei kan kucing tu! Lena kemain dapat bantai.

Amirul in diploma, me with degree and Nita; PhD. Now, who's the master!? ...encik Aswari? Huhu... Nakai betoi Dr. Asyiek hat satu tu. Ligat mengusik. Mai kita usik dia balik. Teeheehee... Eh? panjang pulak segmen bawah kali ni. "Segmen" youuu~! Kau tak hadooo kan? Pi buat satu lekaih, pi.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poor Kitty

At laaast! My kitties are clean and crystal clear. Haaa, gituuu.
Eeer... hiperbola ja. Gambaq tu pun propa ja. Culik daripada encik Google.
On the first of September, today is the first bath for them; Eldon and Alix and the gang!
Too many too list but here they're;
Eldon, Dwight, Jenggo and Bruna. (Eldon seems to be the leader of their batch)
Alix, Cavell and Gifford. (Alix? The active one will lead)
Not that much actually, huh...

Hopefully they will be in a good condition always when I'm away from home.
Oh, Ideaaa! Everytime I visit home, I should get them for their next bath! *evuuul laugh*
So wet and so thin. So sad and funny at the same time. Meows for help.
I heard that, the first time will be the hardest one. They'll get use to water next time perhaps.

Kot mana pun nak selit nama Amirul. Hmmm... Amirul tak bela binatang peliharaan setahu ili. Huhu...