. ili: 10/11/12
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Money Outside Bags?

While people were busy buzzing about 11/12/13, I don't. Really.
So I heard that we're the only generation that be the witnesses of these date, ay?
01/02/03 Standard five and Cikgu Azhar nearly scared me out of my skin!
02/03/04 The Rejected One... ask me why!
03/04/05 Girl oh, girl! I'm searching for some piece of mind.
04/05/06 Oh, I found a real life anime-like character.
05/06/07 The golden age. The old ili, such a smart girl.
06/07/08 The dark ages since entering science stream. HAHA!
07/08/09 Tata, school-life!
08/09/10 Oh, nice to meet you again, school-life?
09/10/11 Uniforms suits me well actually. I feel as young as standard 6!
10/11/12 Refer below paragraph. Boleh macam tu?
11/12/13 of course, today. Yays huh...?

10/11/12 is more important ...used to be one. Why? It was my 20th bornday!
This matters most! Such a beautiful birthdate of mine last year.
Pass is pass but I can't let it pass from my memory just like that. Woowee~
Still... friends mistaken my birthdate; to 11/10. Hmmm... After 10 is 11. Mine is 10/11. Easy to remember right?
Cewah, kerja nak orang ingat tarikh lahir kita ja tau =.,=

Amirul ingat ka dak? Huhu...

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