. ili: 2014
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Live because you're alive!
Laugh because being sad is bad!
Love because you're born because of it!

I don't find any reason for not enjoying the life.
I hate those bad statements about life;
Such a boring life, hating the life, life is unfair and so on

Kalau dia boleh bercakap, Habislah semua kena carut.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where's the Beautiful Key?

I'm still young to hold the key perhaps
That's why I always fail

O, heart. One cheeky heart.
Please hold yourself, you're strong enough to live alone.
How am I going to be a heroin if you're weak? =.,=|||

Let they key remains a mystery
Don't you rush searching for it

Hati ni gedik sifatnya. Boleh sakit otak layan dia. Serius.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Masalah Problem

Pret... apa dah tak dak idea untuk verification word lettew!

Oh, about the face reaction; =.,=||
Someone used to use that usable icon
Eh, hapeee ni! Masalah betul!
Dah, lupakan dia!
Tapi orang kata tak perlu lupakan.
Sekadar meneruskan kehidupan tanpanya.

Eh, lari betul gambar dan post.
Betul betul bermasalah!

Betul betul ho liao!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Right after leaving primary school, tooth matter being left behind too.
How I miss too much to go to the dentist with chosen students by an awesome bus trip! Woohoo! I love to travel by bus!
Being  treated nicely by nurses...
Get the chance to pick a lovely handmade doll after done checkup...
Free drink of delicious hot milk...
Think nothing about classes!

Apa orang la ni dok kata... tauk buang? Eh? Haaa... tero bek gettew. (Amboih, teghuk betui)


I mean, yearghhh!!!

Freedom for students means, finished assignments!
It's today! It's today! Today is the day for me.
I'm so happy because I feel like happiness is the truth~
I'm so happy because I know what happiness is to me~
I'm so happy because I feel like that’s what I wanna do~
What I wanna do?
Post myself nicely into my dream sweet dream!

Rasa tak mau tidoq. Rasa nak raikan dengan daun saderi!

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Friday, Which is Good!

Hey, I found that spectacle guys are attractive.
Don't refer to the image above, well, shades, everyone looks attractive wearing it.

Yesterday, Thursday, happy day. It was. Huhuhu...
Crush. Now, tell me who never had one, even one?
Crush you! =.,=

But ili, again, please open up your mind and eyes, indeed.
He's a lecturer, he's a busy man, he's a daydream of yours, ili.
Yes, a dream ...and yes, a crush.

Obviously, I'm the one that had a crush on him, not the other way round. HAHA!
But hey, it's a good news for me too if he's also the other way round!
You're already 30 while I'm driving towards 22.
While driving, I'm looking at the rear-view and side mirror, I saw 20.
I saw 20.

Hey! I don't even owned license ...yet. Pffft! HAHAHA!

Friday, February 28, 2014

That Should Be Him! Part II

FYP, eh, FYI, he's not a boyfriend of mine.
He's a chef, obviously. Can you see it? Can you see it? Hehehe...
At last he made it for a victory! Yaaays! You go, Zamir!
Last two years in Masterchef you might fall down, but here we go now, salute to the MasterChef Malaysia All Stars.
Wait, it was last 28th January 2014 and I just posted it now? One month late, maaan!
Wait, it's not about loading, pending and whatsoever *buat gaya whatever kuasa lapan*
It's just that I read my old post and bumped to the first part.
So I feel the need to post the part two.
Will there be a part three? Mwehehe...

Dah la segak lagi pandai masak, apa lagi ekau nak haaa gepreng Zamir? Cepat cakap "Nak kahwiiin~!"

Monday, February 24, 2014

Charming Bel

Now Bel is gone. Dead.
Nuuu, not those up there in the photo. Totally unrelated. Iklan, iklan...
Tapi dua-dua tu charming kan? Lalala~

It was yesterday when Ummi phoned me; stated that Bel's no more with us.
Pity that little kitty. He used to closed his eyes because, well, kittens, never learned to wipe their eyes "scrubs". Agagaga... so I'll wipe in my own way, brutal way!!!
*me iz evuuul laugh*

Now that he's gone, I have no point to laugh at everytime he knocks his head at the wall due to blurry vission of him. Cute scenario actually.
Aaaw... kitty... why so cute. Why co co co cute!
Ni yang gerem gerem ni. Mulalah buat suara tune rendah. Bahasa bayi riang riang yang kadang-kadang tak wujud pulak dalam kamus bayi pun.
Sebagai contoh; Bel bel homei homei!!!
Okay la dari... HEMLOOO!!! Hahaha333!

Bel ja charming yang lain semua princess Armada, Princess Blaz (haaa, kau!) dan late princess Amor...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Eh, eh ili ni? Baru loading tentang Rabia ka? Keh keh keh...
Nak cakap tentang sesuatu berkaitan empat ja. Poligami? Bukan... bukan...
Tapi ili sokong ja kalau suami mampu. Haaa kau, cakap serupa macam dah kahwin. Caits! Cerita dongeng ja semua ni.

Four. So. What four for?
It's my fourth semester. Two more round and I'm done, In Shaa Allah.
For the first week, I'm done too. Quite relaxing start up.
I'm not really into narrating my study life.
I just wanted to feel my passion in blogging like before.
Oh, I really missed those time. Done a day, and poof! New post!
Now? Done a day and off to bed, weehoo!!!

Four. Means, April. Well, the fourth month in a year of course.
Everything related to four makes me think about things called love.
Love? I'm 22 and a girl. I believe that those who shares the same gender as me will be busy buzzing about love-life.
Love, love, love. Oh, stop it, will you? Yes, you, yourself, ili. Agagaga...!
ili 1: Boyfriend pun tak dak nak bising bising pasai soal hati.
ili 2: Apa orang single tak dak hati ka?

Eh? Banyak pulak ili kaaan. Kata orang pelanduk dua serupa ada tujuh. Jadi...
ili 3: Woiii, woiii, duit pun mintak kat Ummi apa ni cakap tentang couple woiii!?
ili 4: Bukan duit ja... semua bergantung kat keluarga lagi...
ili 5: 22 tahun pejam celik pejam celik kat Pulau Pinang ja jadi lagu ni la... lecey...
ili 6: Hapeee boyfriend boyfriend bagai. Berdosa noks!
ili 7: *Garu garu garu* Kemain nyamuk nyamuk zaman sekarang...

Okay, dah, dah... merepek teruk dah ni...
I used  to mention over and over again about a guy in this blog.
Maybe I should just get over it and move on but that does not mean I'm giving up.
I'm just... trying to get a life perhaps? A real life by stop these daydreaming.
He's now my imaginary guy. A guy that I don't know meant for whom? Is it her whom I have no clue about? ...or really one day, me? Exactly how I imagined so far, jyeah...

I don't know...
I don't mind...
But I care...
I care, I stalk, I pray...

Soulmate. I have no idea about mine.
Even if I buy some cake for someone. Cake don't promise any relationship. Cake don't know. It just know exactly how to fill stomachs and later on finding it's way out and smells the world again before getting some free sewage treatment for some period of time.

Okay, merepek lagi. Yaaay!
Kalau emosi, panjang benooor post ili. Nampak sangat keperempuanannya. HAHA!
Emosi la... rindu... lama tak blog dengan begitu tekun... kalau Tekun barulah blog restu kita... Restu pada hari yang panjang lagi Saujana... Eeer... Indah. Apa yang indah? Kembara... Pengembaraan yang indah gettew... Apa lagi? Hmmm... Aman! Aman Damai terasa selalu. Jadi, marilah berBakti supaya hidup kita Permai Permai ja. HAHA! Fajar? Fajar esok Harapan kita bersama. Fajar esok pasti berCahaya. Gemilang kot!
Okay. Ni la ili. Ea... ni ili... hi~

Lepas ni taip nama Amirul dalam hati ja okay, ili!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Your favourite Running Man character?
He's coming to Malaysia.
Okay, I'm not that excited because my favourite is Haha. Hahaha333...!

Amirul pun suka Haha kan. Ka suka semua?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Three Words

Mine is love, time and happiness.
Only time will tell... tell about what?
Tell about My Love!
...and when the time comes, it's all about happiness!

My Love? Sapa dia haaa?? Amirul tau sapa??? Huhu...