. ili: iGangs
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته


Since 2002
♥Shea; Not the leader anyway. I'm just me :b
♥Lia; We're being friends since 8 years old!
♥Ann; We got the same sense of arts! xD
We're the awesome xD

Since 2009
♥ Sheila; The one who created the name; Iron Lady.
♥ Alia; The most quite and bright one.
♥ Arina; Calculation? She loves it!
♥ Diyana; She has a very beautiful smile ( :
♥ Ili; The one who made this page.
Babes, gangs forever!^^

Since 2012
♥ Ijan; He's one interesting man.
♥ Syro; Kecep kelate duo puluh pak jae. HAHA!
♥ Cik nab; Jangan diganggu si comel ni...
♥ Ili; Nandayo?
Berempat selalu tu yang macam geng. Tu yang tak dak nama. USM ja la...

P.S. Lia and Alia is the same person! Same goes to Shea and Ili.

UPDATED 23.02.14